I was scheduled to work at the store today, but that is cancelled. Since I was scheduled to work there all day, I 10 obviously didn’t schedule anything else for today, beyond plans to clean and get to the grocery.

In time management terms, this is the equivalent of a snow day: I don’t have to do anything (apart, of course, from the usual housework). I can lie on the couch and read, take the dogs for a walk, knit, nap, solder, work on that writing contest, declare a PSD, go pick all those peppers and herbs before the first frost which must be coming along soon…

Unfortunately, since I was expecting to work, I woke up early with my head full of work-related ideas. I am resisting them.

It is also HGP Pantry and Closet Week, and I have only today and tomorrow to empty, clean, and reorganize my pantry and linen closet. I guess I could also do the broom closet. And the house is a bit of a tip at the moment, so some extra time for general cleaning would not come amiss.

The weekend is sounding more frolicsome by the minute, isn’t it?

You see Ivy above, with the main pieces all knitted and the shoulders joined. As far as I can tell, the surgery went well and it will go from being a bunch of rolled stockinette to a lovely vest any day now.

Many thanks to those who answered my survey! It was very helpful, and I really appreciate it.