Having given blood and had a busy day at work yesterday, I was a bit low energy last night and went to bed early. This turned out be a good thing, because #1 son came in at 4:00 am and woke up the animals. This brought Nadia the cat into our room, determined to sleep between me and my husband, no matter how much pushing and shoving and loud purring it required. She was followed by Fiona the dog, whose boisterous tail-wagging provided a thwack! thwack! thwack! accompaniment wherever she went.

Since #1 son had brought friends with him, I couldn’t just give up and get up, so I put the bathroom light on and read a while in the gloaming, finally going back to sleep around 6:00 am. So I am late getting up, and yet still sleepy.

No matter. Today I must make a Hallowe’en costume for Monday, when I will read spooky stories to little children at work. I was privileged to receive a Hallowe’en card from Scriveling, so I think that will provide sufficient inspiration for me, but I must get to Hobby Lobby before I can begin. (My beaded pumpkins and gourds look silly in the flash, but I did want to show the card on the mantel, where it is providing a touch of mystery.)

The card also reminded me that this is the week (for the HGP) to begin addressing Christmas cards, while I have not bought or made any, so I am looking through craft books for inspiration. I also have to finish cleaning and organizing my pantry and cupboards today, if I am to keep up with the HGP. What is more, while I am pretty good at following instructions, I have not been wrapping the gifts as I finish or buy them, and at 4:00 this morning, I mentally added that to my day’s to-do list.

This is bawk #5, halfway completed. I have nothing new to say about the bawks. Every time I begin a new one, I think that I will use a different stitch pattern, a different cable… But I really love this cable, and it has gotten pretty quick, too, so each time I just go ahead and follow the pattern. Especially for those that are being given in pairs, I am thinking that the matching cables in different colors will be very nice. I hope to finish this one over the weekend, leaving a mere three more — a do-able number for November, I think, even if I slip a few hats in.

However, I have started something new. Not exactly socks, though I think I can catch the last couple of days of Socktober here, because they are Fuzzy Feet, which are simply giant socks felted down to make slippers. I am using Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Iron Ore, and 10.5 needles. I did not swatch, because I am felting the things, after all, so it doesn’t really matter what my gauge is.

Here is the first of the fuzzy feet, with the heel freshly turned and the stitches picked up for the gusset. The dog Toby is indifferent to it, since it is clear to him that it will not fit any of his paws, even after felting.

I have joined the Fuzzy Feet knitalong, and also went and checked out the correspondence from the Fuzzy Feetalong of 2003. Considering the comments from that adventure, I decided to pick up only 10 stitches along the sides rather than 12, in hopes of avoiding the dread floppy instep that plagued the earlier knitters.

This knitalong is just beginning. The Fuzzy Feet are quick and easy and will make good holiday gifts, or keep your feet warm this winter, so perhaps you would like to join. This is my third knitalong and I have found them all fun and useful.