Yesterday had some exciting moments.

For one thing, I was hired by the Kennedy Center to work on Artsedge. I’m a huge fan of Artsedge, so this is pretty thrilling for me.

Another exciting thing was getting this intro for our new lesson plan videos done. We’ll just attach this to the beginnings of all of them, the way Epicurious does their videos. I figure the quality of the intro will distract from the rustic nature of our video work. If you ever need someone to do this, I’ll be happy to arrange an introduction to this guy.

This cost just under $12. I hired the artist at oDesk, but as it happens, he lives about a four-hour drive from where I live. We’d been quoted $100 outside of oDesk, and the applicants at oDesk actually ranged from $3.33 an hour (that guy expected the job to take 2 weeks) to $77.78 an hour (2 days). This guy took 40 minutes.

Now I do have to admit that when I went to upload this, I found that the other formats had been deleted from the dropbox before I got them properly saved, so I’m having to go back and ask that they be sent again, but that’s clearly user error on my part.

Otherwise, it was a normal workday.

Today will probably be a normal workday as well. I have quite a few hours at oDesk to do, and I have heaps of unbillable stuff that has piled up to the point where I really have to do it.