Silk Fountain

Since I had to get up at 4:00 a.m. this week I woke up at that time today, too, even though I could have slept in. The dogs also woke up early, and have been barking and carrying on ever since. I still have some work to do for the week, and had imagined that I would leap right in and get it finished so I’d have the day off after dawn, but so far I’ve just been roaming around the internet.

I hardly ever do that. If I’m at the computer, I’m working. If I’m not working, then I don’t want to be looking at a screen. But this morning I hung around the forums and read weird stuff about the filming of The Exorcist and  have otherwise been wasting time. Any minute now I’ll probably go look at sock patterns.

I finished the Silk Fountain cowl last night. It’s very cozy. I’m seeing cowls like this in all the magazines now — #2 daughter told me about them a year or so ago but she’s always ahead of the curve. They seem like a nice alternative to scarves, should it ever get cold this year.

So yes, I’m going to get to work now. Later on, I plan to clean house, do the grocery shopping, bake, maybe sew. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?