10 So here are my nicely-coordinated (though poorly photographed) fabrics. I can make a long bias-cut skirt from the plaid, a three-piece suit from the gray flannel, pants and a second jacket from the mushroom gabardine, blouses from the light and dark blue linens, and tops from the sky blue and burgundy knits.

This will make an excellent winter wardrobe in wool, with linen, and cotton tops. I have yarn in just these colors, too, and I can wear both Ivy (a gray vest I knitted in the spring) and a new sweater with colorwork which I might conceivably make to go with this lovely winter SWAP.

V1069 I even have enough of the gray flannel to make this elegant coat. And a taupe ultrasuede for a clutch to go with it when I am attending the opera and all that stuff that I rarely actually do.

There is an imaginary air to this plan, though, beyond imagining that I couldV8527 make a coat or have sufficient occasions to wear it. I haven’t been sewing much, have I? The fact that I still have enough fabrics on hand to put together an entire SWAP says something about the likelihood of my getting this done. Not to mention the Christmas gifts that are supposed to be being made.

So I guess I may or may not actually do this, but it seems like a good plan. I have a blue corduroy jacket and a couple of neutral ones, as well as brown and gray trousers, all of which would work well with these fabrics. I could, if I were to follow this plan, go around till spring feeling well dressed.

After looking through all my skirt patterns, I decided that I really had to have a bias cut one with a center seam, so I plan to head out this morning and find one. Otherwise, I believe I have enough patterns, and I plan to spend the day sewing once I’ve done my errands. While buying the pattern, I can also pick up the remaining buttons for Erin and have it ready to wear when the weather turns cool.

In addition to buying a pattern and doing the grocery shopping, I also have to help #1 son find a tuxedo. We should have been watching flea markets ever since we learned he was going to be a music major. However, we didn’t do that, so now we have to rent one before the concert.

You know, if we were trying to live on my old salary, we’d be suffering. We’ve suffered before when we had kids in college, and we’d survive, but that little bit extra really helps.

I was up till 11:00 last night chatting with a coworker in the Phillippines (and how cool is that? except for the time zone issues, I like being part of the flat world), #2 daughter, and The Computer Guy who is off visiting his revolutionary hardware. Then I woke up way too early this morning because I had thought of an interesting way to start off a post at my marketing blog. So I guess I am still having to Work at Not Working. However, I did go to a very fun dinner party last night at Suwanda’s. I was at the table with Janalisa and her husband, BigSax, and the sweetest couple who had been married for 57 years, which was longer than most of us have been alive. They are a charming and erudite pair, and Im glad I had the opportunity to get to know them better.

And I am about to go make Warm Apple Almond Pastry and then have a domestic day, as soon as I write that post on linkbuilding. I also have to read the romance novels a student loaned me, to show that I am taking their recommendations seriously. And knit. Blessing is coming over tomorrow for some work-related stuff, but really I think I’m going to have a mostly non-work weekend.