Here is the DNA scarf. #1 son did not trust me when I said I was only going to take the scarf’s picture and not his, so he donned his gorilla mask. An effective but alarming costume. You can’t see the cables well in this shot at all, but you can see the length, and perhaps the nice drape of this yarn.

My first DNA scarf start, on #1s, was still on the needles, so I frogged it. I decided to knit it up immediately into a matching beret — the Paris-Match seed stitch beret from the last Woman’s Day magazine. So here it is in a silly pile of crimped blue on the floor where it fell, instead of being nicely skeined.

You see that I have all the essentials for an afternoon of knitting: the pattern, measuring tool, a variety of needles,a book to read, the remote in case I hit complicated shaping and have to switch to a Netflix. You do not see the pot of tea. You do not see the Chicken and Autumn Vegetables en Casserole in the crockpot. You do not see the fact that I dusted and did laundry all morning so that I can now relax. You do not see the soft, rainy afternoon. Allow me to assure you, however, that all these things are as they should be. I hope you have planned for yourself an equally pleasant afternoon.