Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal was bemoaning the way that the rich are portrayed on TV. For one thing, it would seem that the portrayals of the wealthy are unkind. Spoiled kids and neurotic power-hungry adults are just all over the place in TV portrayals of rich people, apparently. They were not talking about Paris Hilton and Donald Trump, but about fictional characters. Last I looked, portrayals of the poor also included spoiled kids and neurotic adults, but we already know that I am not up on TV.

Another objection the Journal had was that new shows about rich people don’t reflect the recent changes in wealth. The rich are a lot geekier than they used to be, and the TV shows keep showing powerful old men with leonine manes (gray, but still…) looking down on the nouveau riche. Oh, and also the rich are really much more interesting than the TV shows would have you think.

Got all that? They didn’t announce the color of the ribbon for Rich People’s Anti-defamation Awareness Week, but at least we understand the issues.

I am suffering from insomnia again, or possibly still. This gives me leisure to be snarky about the troubles of the rich. I could be cleaning my house or working on my List Week tasks for the HGP, but I still hope to be able to go back to sleep. Why I hope this, I do not know. It is 3:49 a.m., I have been awake for an hour, I have to get up anyway at 5:30 to see my husband off to work, so I probably am not going to get any more sleep.

Waking up with a long to-do list on my mind is bad enough. Actually doing any of those things seems like giving in.

I have all these errands to run, and will not have a car to run them in. #1 daughter said she will help me out. And I have a bunch of domestic stuff to do. I invariably fall way behind on domestic stuff during Back to School, and it takes a while to get back to a state of decency and order. I promised to send The Empress my recipe for marmalade, and I need to check my court date for that traffic ticket I got last month, and I have hardly gotten anywhere on my SWAP, and there are bills to pay, and there is one more page I need to do for the first book, and the third section didn’t make it to That Man’s computer, and some friends are coming over tomorrow afternoon so I really need to dust, and —

See, that’s why I can’t go back to sleep. I’ll spend some time with my calendar and have a nap this afternoon.

I started my first PC catalog show yesterday and will be doing the host coaching for the second one today. Then there are the cooking shows. I did the host coaching for one yesterday. Over the weekend, I plan to practice talking while I cook, an essential skill for this. My kids have agreed to watch the cooking and eat the results. # 2 son got into the spirit of it last night, dropping his voice a fifth and bellowing, “Make me some cake, woman!”

He finds this hilarious. Some day perhaps he will meet a girl who agrees that it is hilarious. Or else he will give it up.

I do intend to make cake, though. Also nachos and pizza and Pan-Asian Meatballs, whatever that may be, and a supposedly Asian noodle dish, and a stir-fry. Lots of vegetables to offset the cake.

Hmm. My husband’s alarm just went off. It is 4:00 a.m. Apparently it is good that I woke up as early as I did. Now I won’t have to be cross with him for having to wake up so early to make his coffee.

No doubt you have some frolicsome plans for the long weekend, but be sure to spare a moment to think of the plight of the rich, cruelly misrepresented on the fall TV line-up.