I t’s beginning to look like fall, isn’t it?

This is downtown where I live. Those of you who live in big cities won’t think it looks like a downtown at all, but  it’s a really charming little downtown, and has won prizes.

When we first came here, I thought it was so cute that there were parking meters when it obviously wasn’t a big enough town to need parking meters.

There is a rumor that the LYS is having a Yarn Tasting today. Sounds fuzzy, but I’m likely to see friends there, and next week on the HGP is the week for gathering up all the materials for your handmade gifts, so I’m thinking that I might go. The LYS is downtown, as is the farmers market, so it would be no additional effort to check on that rumor. However, there might be timing issues. I might need to plan my marketing to mesh with the yarn party.

You may be thinking that I should check their website. I did, but there’s no info there — and it’s clear that they don’t keep it updated (last blog post in April) so the fact that a party isn’t mentioned doesn’t mean there isn’t one. There’s a lesson here about websites.

No matter. I need to clean my living room today, and do the grocery shopping, and grade papers. There’s a book club meeting tonight, though I haven’t read the book and am terrible about going to meetings, so I may stay home.

I stayed home last night and watched The Big Bang Theory. I should have folded laundry and worked on my quilt while doing so, or finally frogged back Salt Peanuts and figured out where I went wrong, but I sat idly. I was really tired. Around 9:00 my husband and I took the dogs for a walk. They like going out in the dark, and argued considerably when he said they had to go back. When I take them for walks we usually go a couple of miles, but my husband is a to-the-end-of-the-street-and-back dog walker. It was a nice walk. I don’t go walking after dark by myself, or even with dogs, so I particularly enjoyed it for the novelty, even if it was a very short walk.

With any luck, I’ll have quilt progress news tomorrow.