Yesterday I had lunch with Janalisa and got caught up on her events. I went to the gym in the morning, and got all my work done. I finished the green Touch Me scarf I was knitting, and completed the knitting of the major parts of Erin. I now have to put it together and get going on the bands. 9

On Monday it will have been five months since I became unemployed and then self-employed. I’m feeling pretty much on top of things professionally. I have my hardware, most of my software, and a good start on the necessary skills. I have some degree of order in my accounting, and my website ought to launch this week. I even have a working wardrobe, at least by my standards. I’m averaging one new client a week and doing as well financially as I was when I was salaried, and sometimes rather better.

It seems reasonable to me that for the first few months of my unplanned and disorganized switch to self-employment, I should have focused so narrowly on business. Since I am now a Computer Guy, it even seems reasonable that I should have been drawn into the Computer Guy ethos and spent way too many hours eating delivery pizza while working at the computer.

Enough, though. Janalisa pointed out that, far from thinking, “Gosh, it’s only 11:00 p.m. her time, so why did it take her 20 minutes to get that spreadsheet to me?”, clients will consider me more valuable if I am less available — at least to the point of saying, “You’re on my calendar for Monday.”

And I want a normal life again, complete with marriage, family, friends, spiritual practices, outside interests, a pleasant home, and a reasonable level of self-care.

I have an advantage over many women who make this declaration, in that I already have a husband, kids, friends, church (even if my involvement there has lately rather descended to the level of mere work rather than spirituality), outside interests, and a gym membership. I even have a pleasant home, or will have once I get back to housekeeping properly.

Yesterday afternoon, I was talking (via computer) to The Computer Guy. He was telling me about his presentation for the Chamber of Commerce, and I was sending off a site analysis and three pages of suggested changes to my client in New Mexico, hoping it wouldn’t make her feel as though she were paying me for slapping her around. I told him that, since it was Friday and his birthday, he should quit working for the day. IMHO.

“I’m Working on Not Working,” he typed back.

Me, too.

This week on the HGP, we are to buy extra flour, sugar, and shortening for holiday baking. We are supposed to order our Christmas cards, though I usually wait and get a box on the cheap at T.J. Maxx. If you have yours done with family photographs, this is the week to take that picture and order them. I did that last year, because we had the amazing luck to have all the kids together at one time, and therefore we had a family picture. It may never happen again. You should also put a meal in the freezer, and I am planning on chili. This is the last day of Living Room Week, and I have clients coming over this afternoon, so this morning will definitely be spent cleaning the living room.

Oh, and doing a quick site analysis for those clients. But after they leave, I intend to relax with novels and knitting and enjoy my clean living room, and also my family.