The new McCall’s winter/holiday patterns are out, and are on sale at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents today, so this would be the time to snap them up if you need some. I do not need any patterns, and of course did not plan on buying anything but groceries and toilet paper till #1 son graduates, but I might spring for a 99 cent pattern. This is because they are doing all these shawl collars. I love shawl collars, and back when I took up dressmaking last year, it was fiendishly difficult to find a pattern with a shawl collar. That might happen again. So I am feeling as though I ought to stock up on patterns with shawl collars. That way, if and when I ever have sewing time again, I will be able to have shawl collars whether they are in style or not. M5532

My daughters would not agree with this idea. Our Pampered Chef trainings have told us that we must “always look presentable” and #2 daughter pointed out that Janalisa is always stylishly dressed for her shows. I did my first cooking show in trousers and a tunic. #2 daughter assured me that tunics were last year.

“Only one year?” I protested. I like to wear my clothes until they fall apart. I am not prepared to have completely new plans each year.

I don’t even get around to using all my patterns the first year that I have them.

Apparently I am doing this wrong.

M5529 At the very least, I guess I had better hurry up and make and wear those shawl-collared jackets that I already have planned while they are still in style.

I have a cooking show this afternoon, and I must do some housework and grocery shopping, but I am determined to take some sewing time as well.

McCall’s also has this very pretty skirt in their new collection. M5523 I never got into wearing the trumpet skirts, but I like the ones this season with a bit of extra fullness at the back.

Since I only wear skirts once a week or so, and I now own enough of them that I only wear any given skirt once a month or so, can I expect that I would be able to wear a skirt like this enough times that its cost per wear would become reasonable before it becomes “so last year” ?

Deep and important questions, these. I have been reading a couple of books by Stephanie Lessing. In the first, She’s Got Issues, we follow the adventures of a sort of idiot-savante for whom shoes are the most important thing in the world, closely followed by clothes. In Miss Understanding, the sequel, we shift to the point of view of her sister, a woman so uninvolved with her clothing that she ends up unwittingly exposing a breast in a business meeting.

I would like to shoot for something between those two. I would like to enjoy clothing and dress nicely and even be up on fashion, without thinking about clothes very much. Like, I probably would prefer to think about clothes about as much as I think about math. Less than politics or music, obviously. More than wild animals or sports. Medium.