Newsie Cap Math

Mayflower found me some pictures of the Headline News cap which persuade me that mine needs to be bigger than it is. So I am considering my options.

I could switch to 5s and perhaps then to 6s. And then of course back down as I decrease.

It might be that simply making the unshaped section longer will do it. This is the pattern’s recommendation for accommodating “big hair.” #1 daughter does not have big hair, but the general idea of making it larger is there.

I could increase in the sections between the cables. There would have to be some math involved in this, of course.

The smart thing to do would be to find a cap of the right type and size and measure it. Then I could calculate properly.

This “newsboy” style of cap is now worn, I think, by stylish girls and old men. #1 daughter, when she said she wanted a cap like this, refered me to the caps that hang on pegs in the back of the church for the old guys who are going directly from church to the golf course.

We are off to the farmer’s market in a few minutes here. It is a glorious day, and certainly not one to be spent entirely indoors. I do have to shovel out the house at some point, and I intend to bake ginger snaps, but those things will give me time to consider how best to alter the newsboy cap.