Fridays are a really long workday for me. I spend three or four hours at the computer, and then go to the store for eight hours. So it was a relief to me when I got home yesterday to find that the kids had ordered pizza. Not that sausage pizza is what I ought to eat for dinner, and I should at least have made a salad to go with it, but I didn’t. I plopped down on the sofa with the kids and checked out the mail.

9 And wow, look what was in the mail! The nice folks at Central Office sent me this gorgeous pan as a present for qualifying.

Janalisa was telling us at the training meeting that we would get childishly excited about the presents they sent us. I may have chuckled in a tolerantly amused way. It is true, though.

I do not have a high enough voice to be able to squeal when I opened the box the way girls do when they open presents in movies, but my response was probably the alto equivalent of squealing.

It’s a really nice pan.

Also in the mail was the holiday update issue from Keepsake Quilting, my favorite quilting source now that our local quilt shops have given up the ghost. They have fabric with things written on it. The fabrics have 4″ square boxes with clever sayings in them, so that you can cut them out and use them as quilt squares. I love that idea. Unfortunately, the sayings are things like “Dogs are the PAWS that refreshes.” Why couldn’t they have had lines from John Donne or Oscar Wilde epigrams or something?

Actually, it’s fortunate. I have two quilting WIPs and a couple more planned quilting projects, and also I am not buying anything till #1 son graduates.

I do have to go grocery shopping today, though, and pick up a check from one of my hostesses. I also have housework to do, of course. There is always housework to do.

But once I have done these things, I intend to declare this a PSD (Personal Sewing Day, a term from the sewing blogs) and get some work done on my SWAP.

That’s the plan.