It’s the last day of List Week, and I have listed the foods I need to make and the ingredients for them. I have a few things on the gifts list, but I need to come up with some perfect things to make for people’s holiday gifts.

Here’s a list of possibilities. Maybe one will be perfect for your list, too:

  • Slippers I planned on making slippers last year, because I figure people need them in cold weather and handmade ones are the best, but I didn’t get it done. Maybe this year.
  • Moonlight socks Another project I’ve intended to make in the past but haven’t yet.
  • Ice Queen A sort of cowl or fascinator you can wear around your neck and then pull up over your head when you get cold or want to be more fascinating. Like a scarf without the ends.
  • A driving cap These are worn by older guys in my neighborhood, and they always look pretty debonair in them.
  • Tychus Everybody loves this hat.
  • Traditional tams They may or may not be stylish, but you clearly love the person you give it to or you wouldn’t go to that much trouble.
  • Henry A manly scarf. James Bond would wear it.
  • Interesting geometric bag Because just because I have too many bags doesn’t mean everyone does.
  • Tsantsa I think a shrunken head chalk bag might be cool for climbers.
  • Knitted wire earrings A fellow Xangan sent me a couple of crocheted wire necklaces some years ago and they are still my favorites.
  • French General style jewelry I love this stuff, and I have a book with instructions. Whether the women on my gift list would wear it is less certain.
  • Steampunk Bug This would make a fun brooch for someone who find the French General stuff too girlie.

Are you admiring free gift patterns online? If so, share them!