All the kids are home for the weekend. It’s wonderful.

#2 daughter arrived first, since she has to go back up and sing at her church tomorrow morning. She went to the optometrist while I taught my class, chatted with me while I did my blog posts, and then we had lunch,  picked up a birthday cake and a little gift for #2 son, and had haircuts. A cup of tea, an episode of Leverage, and then the other kids started arriving home.

We had pizza and birthday cake. #2 daughter went out with The Computer Guy and another computer guy, an  old friend of #1 daughter’s, came over. Conversation included servers, childhood memories, and whether “abrasion” sounds worse than “scrape” (#2 son said it did, though the rest of us were not convinced; we did however agree that it sounded better than “gaping wound”).

The kids were kind of severe about my Dutchman’s Puzzle quilt. #2 daughter decried my lack of precision, and said in fact that my failure to have points on my triangles proved that I’d never be able to code websites well. She stopped short of saying I had wasted good fabrics. #2 just chided me gently for starting a new quilt before finishing the one I had already begun. My husband agreed on that point.

I agree on that point, actually, but I think that my imprecision, though not exactly a good thing for quilts, is not enough to make them completely worthless. They have a certain wonky charm.

We had a very noisy thunderstorm this morning, and I had to get up to close the windows anyway, so I stayed up and made multigrain lemon-pecan muffins, quiche, and hot chocolate from scratch. I got out my crafts and Christmas books and worked on those lists.

I got the menus, the baking list, and the master grocery list done easily enough.

The guest list is something else.

There are things to be said for giving people the same thing each year. My grandfather used to send us a fruitcake and –fruitcake jokes notwithstanding, I looked forward to it.

If you give people things that get used up and worn out, then it makes sense to replace them.

But there’s an appeal to new ideas.

Here are #1 son’s T-shirt transfers. He made his little brother a new one for his birthday. This is his standard gift, and I think all recipients of his shirts cherish them.

So I am thinking that it might be time to make people some slippers again, since they’ll have worn them out since last time I made those for Christmas.

But there are things I’ve never made for people. I’ve never made people socks, because they seem so utilitarian. And yet handmade socks are so much better than store-bought ones that they might be a nice gift.

What are you guys making for Christmas?