chair    So, yeah, I got up and did a little bit of work — totting up numbers for the CPA, adding a few connections at LinkedIn. The company is having a LinkedIn contest. The Art Prof already had more than the goal number of 400, which I got from a case study at the virtual conference, but he was a LinkedIn shark, so we’re going on for second place. I think The New Girl will win. She has 365 connections right now. #2 daughter and I are pretty even, heading for 300. #1 daughter has 70. Janalisa has zero. chairs

I pushed the “Find Connections”  button on a couple of my auxiliary email addresses, and I may do so with my professional email as well. People I don’t remember at all have accepted my invitations, so I guess LinkedIn is a pretty promiscuous place.

I also moved furniture and plants around on my patio, creating (I hope) a more salubrious spot for hanging out without messing up my excellent reading arrangement.

We have a tiny patio and a pocket handkerchief of lawn, plus trees and wild honeysuckle giving that jungly effect which I like. On the patio we have a grill and a few chaises longues.I put a bunch of potted plants around — lillies, nasturtiums, herbs, pretty things in general. It’s not Southern Living but I think it’s nice. freezer

I baked a batch of Morning Glory muffins, changed the bed, did laundry. I cleaned house, too. Scrubbing and dusting and such, plus a little organizing. I use cardboard boxes to organize stuff — not always. In some rooms I have sea grass boxes or bright canvas cubes in cubbies, art nouveau jewely armoires, bamboo organizers, or purpose-made pieces of furniture. But if I don’t have something snazzy hanging around, I think cardboard boxes work just fine.

My freezer now has a box of fruits and vegetables, a box with packets of things like shrimp, and a tidy stack of fish and meat.

My auxiliary makeup drawer is tidy. Auxiliary because I do have a proper makeup organizer which contains my skin care products and stuff, but it is in the ensuite bathroom so I have a drawer in the hallway bathroom. This allows me to paint my face real quick if I get a call saying a client is dropping by or if I get caught up in things and leave too little time to get ready for a meeting. makeup

Surprisingly enough, women wearing makeup are judged to be more trustworthy than women without makeup. You’d think it would be the other way round.

I have “Dress like a grownup” on my morning routine schedule — 6:30 a.m. — but so often I am on the computer at that hour catching up on whatever woke me at 4:00 a.m.

If I follow my schedule, I start work at 7:00 with my bed made, the dogs fed and let out, breakfast cooked and eaten and cleaned up, exercise done, allergy pill and vitamins taken, and also fully dressed and calmly ready for the day.

Life is definitely sweeter when we have time to pay attention to these things.

I spent a little time with my husband and with #1 daughter, read a bit on my Kindle, did a world-dance workout via Roku, and watched a little Suits on Amazon, also via Roku. Electronic devices help make life sweet, too.

It’s the combination: electronic helpers, controlled time, simple tools, and a little effort to take care of ourselves instead of just taking care of others.