Scary picture, right? This is Toby, with glowing yellow eye, and Dax, also contributing to the hideous slavering mouth part of the picture.

Dax came over to play with Toby. Like most dogs, their idea of play centers around growling and pretending to eat each other.

We hired the Art Professor. It’s wonderful. All the hard coding and design jobs can now be passed to him. The hours on Google, trying to figure out how to find the blankety-blank slides? Over. The time on Photoshop trying to make my stuff look like The Artist’s? Past. Days emailing designers and getting answers like, “Sorry — a job that small isn’t worth opening my software”? Gone.

I get to read novels and other interesting books and write about them, as well as about sports gear, active wear, homes, business,industrial automation, and other fun stuff.

I also look forward to stimulating discussions on usability and optimal navigation.

This could be the equivalent of Dax and Toby’s game.

We considered whether we should reposition the company as a web design shop now, what with having a designer and all.

I checked and found that there are now like a hundred web design companies in the small town where I live. When I started, there were three. The Computer Guy, all on his own, a larger company which he hugely admired, and an inferior little company which has since gone out of business.

I’ve never heard of these places. Maybe five of them are familiar.

Would we be Dax, the feisty little puppy? Would we be Toby, the older dog who is still willing to accept a challenge?

Right now we’re a cat. Or something. Not a design company but something diferent and more special. That might be a better position to be in.

Tomorrow I’m heading off to a conference. My husband will be home with the dogs and the cat. He will probably beguile the time by fixing things.