This is a skein of Scheepjes Catona. They charge $6.00 for it. It looks like a skein of doll yarn.

It appears to be perfectly nice yarn. And I admit that I have paid $45 for a skein of yarn. But I still feel cheated. The description should have specified that it is a mini-skein of yarn, not a proper skein.

This is the recommended yarn for the clothing of these knitted animal friends. I have plenty of odd bits of yarn hanging around, but I wanted to try the recommended yarn for at least one garment, and they had it at Amazon, so I ordered one skein.

It had better be amazing.

I’m not ready to knit any animal friends anyway. I’m working on the garter stitch border for Geo-Snow. As you can see in the shot above, I’ve run out of yarn. Fortunately, I have a second skein. I will be winding it this evening and continuing the border in the rest of the week.

That pastry chef book is very cool. I have been thinking what to learn this summer, and I think I may try my hand at pastry again. Something else to think about as I work on the border.