I'm doing the Seamworks Design Your Wardrobe series. I paid a ridiculous amount for a special binder. Note the typo. I won't buy from Zazzle again.

We start with a set of questions:

  • What's the biggest challenge you face with your wardrobe now? I have clothes in all sizes, mostly too big.
  • How would you feel day to day if you had a wardrobe that was just right for you? I think I'd feel more confident, polished, and professional. Maybe I'd be more comfortable with meetings and sales calls.
  • Why is clothing important to you? Honestly, I think I like the colors and fibers and shapes more than fashion, but I think it can be fun. It also determines, to a large degree, what people think of us. "Dress for success" is not a myth.
  • What motivates you to design and sew your own wardrobe? Using beautiful fibers and creative skill to make things, and then having the pleasure of wearing them.

We take these answers and distill them into a statement: "My main goal for designing my wardrobe this season is to enjoy transforming my collection of beautiful materials into a chic wardrobe that will let me present my best self."

As I move into the third act of my life. I will be 60 in a couple of weeks. Hard to believe. The first third is filled with angst. The second is all about striving and accomplishing things. The third is our true selves and the things that really matter to us.

And actually, I quite like food, shelter, and clothing. Along with God, my family, education, music, literature, and wellness, these are the things I enjoy thinking about. So I guess a well-planned wardrobe is an excellent way to celebrate my birthday.