The next step for the Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe project is to identify the items from your closet that will work with your Fall Collection. I laid out the fabric for the 2-piece print dress and the fabric in the solid electric blue. I made Elle pants from that fabric.

There’s also a little bit of the tweed I will make into a jacket if I can manage that. And also the print I used to make the top below.

I made this top. The print works with the main print.

I also made this top. Apparently the cats have been sleeping on it.

These Elle pants in dark brown will be just right.

This silky top from Coldwater Creek should work.

This tunic is just the right colors. I don’t think I’ll wear a tunic with a skirt, but it should work with all the pants.

This copper one should be nice, too.

These trousers from Talbots should be good when I need something more professional. They also seem to be covered in hair.

I guess I don’t take proper care of my clothing.

I thought I would have more items that would fit into my Fall Collection, but these are good. Two pairs of pants (three with the electric blue Elle pants) and five tops.

I must now create Looks including these pieces and the things I want to make.