I love colors. I love to choose them, combine them, play with them. So today's Seamwork assignment — to shop in our stash for colors and textures we want to use in our collection — is a favorite.

Since I'm determined to make this a stashbuster collection, I'm fairly well committed to using my Tea(l) and Coffee collection of fabrics, shown above.

I'm certainly going to use this lovely print. It's a silk georgette, and I have enough for a top and skirt.

I'm going to include these pants that I made last year, this print for a top, and this spruce-colored jersey top. I have the neutral gray and beige fabrics for skirts.

I'm determined to have a stashbuster and lucky to have a lot of great fabrics in my stash.

This is probably a fall collection, though, and I am thinking that bringing in some pastels — as in the palette above — could make it work for spring/summer as well.

In the back of my mind, I'm also toying with a straight spring/summer collection. After all, I have all these pretty materials, too:

Seamwork does this project in the fall, too. Could I do a collection for warm weather and finish it in time to wear it? I was thinking I'd have time to do a cool weather collection and finish it by fall.