Today's task is to identify the contexts for which we need clothing. I spend 40 hours a week or so working online. I sit in my comfortable ergonomic chair (which I covered with fabric covered with words) and look at a screen, thinking deeply and typing fast.

I could wear anything for this context. Unless it's true that in an Adventure Ready Chic wardrobe I would be more productive.

But I also go to meetings. I attend conferences and speak at them. I visit clients and potential clients. I want to look respectable for these occasions.

That's the work context.

I also have social events, go to church and choir practice, spend time with my family, and sometimes go shopping. I guess all of this fits into a social context.

Although shopping might sometimes have more in common with the context that includes cleaning the kitchen, planting stuff, and folding laundry. That would be the housewife context, I suppose. It's not social.

I sleep. I do that as much as I work, probably.

There is also a lot of lolling about knitting, reading, and watching Netflix.

And exercising, which sometimes takes place in nightgowns, sometimes in actual workout clothes, sometimes in the same things I wear for social events.

Actually, that's the issue. I wear much the same thing in every context. Somewhere in the middle of the context continuum I put on a jacket. A bit further along, I  put on make up. Anything more formal, I would have to get a ball gown.

So for my first collection, I will go with work and social contexts. I will make nothing that I could wear to bed without discomfort, and nothing I would cheerfully wear to the gym.

Chances are I will still be okay wearing these things to sit on the sofa and read, but I will strive to feel overdressed if I do so.