I made seven pieces from my Seamwork DYW Spring Collection plan. The two-piece print, two tops, two cardigans, and a shawl.

Now for the Fall Collection. I’m wondering whether this process will be less interesting, since it seems to be the same assignments. But I ended up with highly wearable wardrobe pieces for the spring and really enjoyed the process.

So the first thing is our why: why do I want to try to shoehorn some sewing into my very busy fall? The why for my Spring Collection was “My main goal for designing my wardrobe this season is to enjoy transforming my collection of beautiful materials into a chic wardrobe that will let me present my best self.”

I think that’s still true. I take a lot of pleasure in colors, fibers, and the process of knitting and sewing. Making my own clothes is also a thrift practice, as the home economists say; it’s cheaper to make your own stuff. And since I am now a size 10, my cool weather clothing from last year will not fit. I need new clothes, and will enjoy making a wearing garments from my hoard of beautiful fabrics and yarns.

Was my Spring Collection chic? Possibly not, or not the easy pieces I made from the plan.

At the moment, I’m intending to have a long Labor Day weekend filled with sewing. If I do the planning as scheduled and cut garments every evening that last week of August, I can stick myself to my sewing machine and get all the main seams completed by Labor Day. Then it’s just handwork in the evenings.

Between now and then I have a lot of family stuff and work and community stuff, but it would be very good if I also get my fabric stash in order and cull my wardrobe. I still have lots of pieces that are too big for me hanging in my closet. There’s no good reason for that.