I had planned to make a dozen or so garments this summer — and I guess I still can, since it’s only June. Seamwork suggested that we make 6-10. I’ve actually made three.

I wore one of them yesterday and got lots of compliments. I’m excited about the fabrics and the designs. And yet I never seem to be in the mood to sew lately.

My recent staycation was slated to be at least in part a sewcation. I’ve had evenings off and low-key weekends. And yet I’m not sewing.

I’m knitting. I’m eager to finish the things I have on the needles and excited about the things I will make next for my family and me.

Part of this may simply be that I currently have plenty of clothes. I don’t know whether I will get thinner, but at my current size I have a sufficient wardrobe. Maybe this removes the urgency of getting things sewn up.

I’ll cut out a couple of things today and see whether I feel like completing them. If I do the simple HotPatterns T, I can end up with two nice summer tops in quick time.

If I continue knitting instead, I could complete the sleeves of the second Ketch.

Yesterday I spent four hours volunteering for a work-related thing. It was convivial and fun, but still work. This afternoon I’ll be helping my husband study up for a test he has at work. So in between now and then I plan to do as I please. I’ll report back on what I ended up making.

Report Back: I sewed the main seams of two HotPatterns Shirttail T tops. I got up to the sleeve caps of Ketch, too.