I had planned to make eight pieces of my DYW wardrobe in April. I was imagining PSD (Personal Sewing Day) weekends with super efficient assembly line techniques.

That is not happening.

My first look was two-piece dresses in print and plain coordinating fabrics. I cut and sewed my Plain & Simple Tailored Tee in an aqua pique knit, and it had a good 8-10 inches of excess ease. That was weeks ago and I haven’t yet fixed it.

So I cut the two pieces in the print, completely uncertain of what size I should make. I did a lot of measuring, but I’m actually no more certain than I was before.

This is why we should make a muslin. But these are knits –we can’t really make them in muslin. And I can’t seem to convince myself to cut a size 8, even if that seems to be what the tape measure says, when the pattern envelope seems to be telling me to make a 12.

I may end up wasting a lot of nice fabric.