In my mind, Project #1 for the Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe Collection was going to be an assembly line marvel creating two 2-piece dresses in mix and match ponte knits over the course of one great weekend in the sewing room. Here's what actually happened.

I have other stuff going on this weekend. The baby dress is turning out well though I still have a layer of frou frou skirt to hem, and the rehearsal was quite good. Our soloists are hot stuff. We have a performance tonight and #2 son is driving in from Colorado.

And I have ordered a skirt pattern that doesn't require a zipper, so it makes sense to wait for that pattern to arrive before I cut the skirts.

So I could have gone ahead and cut the two tops with the fabric layered, but I didn't. I just cut one — several sizes too large. I sewed it together and it is now the giant amorphous cape-like garment you see in the picture above.

This is how it's supposed to look. I didn't cut both because I decided to use different sleeve and neckline options, so I thought I'd make the one and be sure it fit well before doing the second. That's fortunate.

I may cut out the other top from this pattern in a smaller size this afternoon.

I may remove the side panels from the existing garment (though the sleeves will no longer fit the armscye if I do that). I may add gathers and decorative elements to make it smaller. I may take it apart and cut it along with the second fabric in a smaller size.

I may just start over with a different pattern — one I know will fit. Because I didn't make a muslin and I didn't use a T'n'T  pattern, so it's all my fault.

The Baby's Easter dress is coming along well and it will be less stunningly too big for her than my T is for me. The photo above shows why I love sewing with linen. The polyester sheer layers don't have such lovely hems, but I'm soldiering on.

In truth, today is Palm Sunday and next week is Easter, so it was unrealistic to think I'd get any grand kickoff sewing done.