We’re working on our story for the Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe Spring Collection. It starts with a “why.” Last year, my why was “My main goal for designing my wardrobe this season is to enjoy transforming my collection of beautiful materials into a chic wardrobe that will let me present my best self.”

I think that still works for me. From the point of view of wardrobe needs and contexts, I need jackets and tops in smaller sizes. From the point of view of sewing fun, I want to add some bright seasonal things, some fun-to-sew tops in the vivid colors of this season. Ladylike pieces for work and social occasions can make me look like I belong with La Bella and the Swordswoman, rather than being a dowdy frumpy thing.

I will do some knitted pieces, too. A lace cardigan and matching tank sounds appealing.

Naturally, I want the new items to work with the items in my wardrobe that I can still wear. So I need to try things on and find out what still fits.

Yes, these are random thoughts. It’s been a long day. But the concept of my collection can be “Dowager Chic” or “Doyenne at Play.”