We identified our color palette and the fabrics for our warm-weather collection.


Next, we are to draw Looks — templates for outifts.


For inspiration I have HotPatterns Spring 2018 Capsule. It’s not like my collection at all, but it’s a collection. I own and plan to use several of the patterns. I’ll be doing two of the 2-piece dresses instead of the actual dresses. I’ll make the shawl-collared jacket, two pairs of pants, and the print blouse.



I have my fall/winter fabrics set aside for the August collection, and these new spring/summer fabrics for the current collection.



Seamwork advocates doing the Collection in February and in August, so I think I will do spring/summer now and fall/winter then, even though I feel as though I should sew up those poor longsuffering fabrics.


This has been a stressful day, frankly, and this little project is just right.



The Looks are supposed to be templates — not this skirt and that top, but a skirt and a top. I’m planning to make two 2-piece dresses for this collection — one in the print and one in solid aqua. They can mix and match, and the jacket in teal will work with both.



I made a Look with a handknit cardigan, planning to complete Ketch.



Look #3 includes a structured jacket and a bow-tied top, since that is actually a type of blouse I wear frequently. If I don’t have time to make the structured jacket (or the skill) then I will use my RTW gray jacket.





Look #4 is jeans and a tunic.



Look #5 is an A-line skirt, a feminine blouse, and a Chanel jacket.


I included skirt looks, when actually I wear pants pretty much all the time. And I included four different jackets/ cardigans to disguise the fact that I wear pants, a top, and a jacket or cardigan all the time.


I could add a dress look, I suppose. I also really like a camp shirt in the summer, with jeans or even occasionally capris. But I don’t think I’m capable of making a camp shirt. So I’m saving Look #6 in case I have a future inspiration.