We're supposed to come up with a story, a narrative that conveys the truth of our collection. Based on yesterday's inspiration pieces, my story is about relaxed, confident women in jackets. Women who have arrived, and who dress to please themselves. They dress in quality gear, but nothing that makes a statement. Nothing fancy or costume-like. Business appropriate but fine for social events, sightseeing, or what have you.

"Business with a Twist"? "Arrival"? "Ultraviolet Spring?" "Mature Chic"? "Coffee and Tea(l)?"

One of the women in the Facebook group had this story: "Adventure Ready Chic." I love that concept. I suppose I could use it. There are plenty of adventures that can be undertaken in a pair of jeans and a Chanel jacket.

Looking at the group's inspiration boards did make me think of something I missed in my inspiration. I like little blouses or shells with interesting details and fabrics. Handwork, floaty shapes, pretty prints. That wasn't what my chic older women were wearing, but tops like this with jeans or simple neutral pants and a great jacket — that's just right.