Today — and that word is important — we are supposed to find 50 pieces of inspiration for our collection.

50. In one day.

Having collected these things, we must analyze them, but I am stuck on the 50 items.

I found some pictures of elegant ladies in age-appropriate outfits.

It's not 50, but it's what I can manage today.

Now we look for 5-10 elements these items have in common.

  • Jackets — Chanel, cardigan, classic blazer
  • Narrow pants or skirts — jeans, simple plain neutrals
  • Subdued colors, with occasional pretty accents
  • Feminine shoes
  • Accessories — necklaces, rectangular bags

We can also include fabrics and patterns, colors, and such. I plan to use my stash, both of patterns and fabrics. So here's some of what I have on hand.