This is the day to find 50 pieces of inspiration. From these 50 we distill the characteristics that will define the collection. Last season I found women dressed in classic jackets, narrow pants or skirts, and tops with special dressmaker details.

That’s not what I made, but it’s the professional look I admire.

This season, I’m looking at the fashion trends. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Classic menswear suiting  fabrics like wool tweed
  • Layered outwear, like a shawl over a coat
  • Folkloric technique like quilting, patchwork, knitting, and crochet, plus traditional folk art designs
  • Florals and animal prints, the prints most often worn by old ladies
  • Black leather and shoulder pads. Not for me.
  • Lean silhouettes and long skirts
  • Fur

I can go with all these things except for the black leather and shoulder pads. And maybe the animal prints. I’m okay with fur, but animal skin is not my jam.

So narrow pants and a long skirt, a tweed jacket that will look good layered with the shawl from spring, a floral top and a fur sweater… sounds like a plan.