I’ve been working a lot, getting ready for our trip to the west coast, watching my grandchildren, engaging with the church… But then I started feeling like I had a cold.

Yesterday I had a dental appointment and today I had a haircut. Both good examples of self-care. I stopped at the bakery for a turkey and avocado on croissant and a slice of Italian cream cake. I worked, but cut out a bit early and lolled on the sofa watching 100% Hotter.

I ate lots of sugar and even drank lemonade, just too be nice to myself. Obviously, that’s not really being nice to myself. But I did feel better for the self-indulgence.

Now I’m going to take NyQuil and go to bed.

I did that last night, actually, and still didn’t sleep well. I didn’t get up till 8:00, but even so I managed less than seven hours of sleep. I hope a good sleep will put me on track to feel better.

With any luck, I’ll get lots of blogging done tomorrow and also start a zombie knitting project for my travels. I think I’ll do a top-down raglan in cashmerino.