We’re singing Mark Sirett’s “Thou Shalt Know Him” as part of today’s Advent Musicale. It’s not the kind of song you can hum to yourself very effectively as you’re going about your daily round, but it’s a nice Advent piece, new to me this year.

This is the eighth year that I have done a little musical Advent calendar. The original impetus was in response to some blogger friends who complained about hearing the same stuff everywhere they went from Thanksgiving to New Year. I have sympathy for that. However, they were suggesting that this is some kind of problem with Christmas or with Christmas music. Not so. The fact that I’m still coming up with new pieces after eight years proves that the problem is with the choices of music, not with the choice available. If you see what I mean.

I was self-deluded yesterday when I wrote that I was going to have a quiet weekend of knitting. I actually had a couple of hours of analytics work, preparing an urgent end-of-month report; a couple of hours of errands, as I finally tracked down Advent candles, replaced a lost stocking, and made further forays into Christmas shopping; a couple of hours with #1 son, who needed help with his class schedule, a paper, and a clever idea he has had, each of which required not only research and advice and support but also exhausting amounts of debate in which he never allows me simply to agree with him; a couple of hours with my husband, doing things like trying to find a Lao radio station, trying to appear interested in football, and listening to extensive stories about Horrible People He Has Known; a couple of hours of domestic stuff, since people still need clean clothes and reasonably clean kitchen and bathroom spaces; an hour or so catering to the dog with the hurt paw; and a couple of hours of furious knitting.

Today I still want to try to get some progress with the knitting, but I woke up with a full consciousness of all the stuff I need to do, and it is rather a lot of stuff. I have papers to grade, still, and social media setups, and badges to order (how did that end up being my job, anyway? Oh, right — we have no minions, just Technical Experts), and stuff to review, and an ebook to plan, and…

For the new year, I intend to quit complaining about how much work I have to do. I think my panicky complaints here are fairly private, but they may not really be good for me. I did 30 Days of Gratitude at Facebook, and was frequently overwhelmed by gratitude, rather than by terror at not being able to get all the work done. Surely that’s better than dwelling on my unreasonable to-do lists.

How many times, you may be wondering now that I am on the subject of resolutions and self delusion, have I walked the dogs as planned? Once.