I haver not been eating properly, moving as much as I should, or sleeping eight hours a night. I have had a lot of excuses for this, including excessive work and the resurgence of pain.

But I am forced to admit that it’s actually a question of self-discipline.

It’s easy to sleep in when I haven’t slept deeply. Then it’s easy to skip my morning exercise and not to make it up later in the day. It’s easy to scramble an egg instead of cooking properly, because I’m tired or busy. It’s easy to snack when I haven’t had a satisfying meal.

But I have Blue Apron. All I have to do is follow the recipe and I have a nice, tasty, balanced meal.

I am capable of getting up when my alarm goes off and heading in to exercise immediately (well, after toothbrushing and such). If I do, and if I also eat as I know I should, I might be better able to sleep and happier to rise early. I can keep snacks out of my house to protect myself from temptation.

I lost 100 pounds. I didn’t accomplish that by just doing what I felt like doing. I have an established business. I didn’t manage that without making some effort. I brought up four wonderful people. That wasn’t all about following my impulses.

So where do I get the idea that I should just do what I feel like all the time?

Maybe it’s a response to the pandemic. If so, it’s not the best response available to me. Back to self-discipline.