I started yesterday with a batch of bran muffins and a couple of blog posts. Then I gave a final, which was actually a breakfast potluck and discussion about literature.

Then #1 daughter and I went shopping. She bought me two pairs of professional pants and four camis to wear under my handmade tops. The whole thing took about 15 minutes. She’s very efficient.

She bought me lunch, too, with white peach mimosas. We talked about work, but also about relationships, decorating, and family. It was very nice.

I drove home listening to Science Friday, dealt with the stacks of client emails.

More blog posts followed, and then I went and picked up the framed poster for the living room. I saw this painting at Crystal Bridges and loved it. It took months to find a print and persuade myself to buy it, more months to realize that I wouldn’t find an inexpensive frame and to persuade myself to have it framed, a week to have it framed, and now we’ll see how long it takes to get it on the wall.

The semester isn’t really over till I get my grades in, but I am beginning my summer studies anyway. I’m doing a Bible study on Jeremiah (a Vine item) which started today with “No Excuses.” Always a good reminder.

Then I have three Craftsy classes. I’m beginning with a class on monogramming in hopes of figuring out how to use my embroidery machine. Lesson 1 displayed various options.

I still haven’t decided which project to take on next, so today apart from work I will continue with the sewing room.