It’s Master Bath Week, so I started by removing everything from the drawers and cupboards, sorting it all out, and putting it back in tidy containers.

I surprised myself a little bit. The under-sink cabinet contained so many cosmetic bags…each one from a trip I’ve taken, containing sample sizes, travel sizes, half-used hotel shampoo bottles, and things like that. Nearly invisible above is a compact in a case shaped like a very realistic seashell. I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away.

I also had trouble throwing away the shampoo from a trip I took with my daughter, the soap from the hotel in Rome, eyeshadow I last used at a fun conference…

Some of these items had expiration dates. I threw away the stuff from 2013. I enjoyed thinking about the trips associated with all those items, reliving the museums and walks and conversations and adventures, and then tossing the lipsticks.

I also felt a little disappointed with myself for not using those lipsticks. All those pretty colors, now congealed into unusable items when I could have worn and enjoyed them.

I’m going to sort out my current make up and figure out how to build it into my daily routine. But I am also glad I tossed all that excess stuff. More containers will arrive in the next couple of days and I will get everything arranged for use, not for sentimental storage.

Once the pandemic is over, I’ll be able to travel again, and I won’t rely on a half-filled shampoo bottle from an Omaha hotel. I’ll also think about and enjoy memories from those trips without having to be reminded by a tube of expired sunscreen. And maybe I will really get on top of skincare, hair care, and grooming.