I didn’t realize it was September already. I completely missed the first. It doesn’t really matter, I suppose, but I like to notice the beginning of a month.

List week also zoomed past me without my getting the porch cleaned or any lists made. It’s Question Week now, time to think deeply about how your family celebrates Christmas, or how you’d like your family to celebrate Christmas.

It’s also Living Room week, and my living room could certainly use a good cleaning. So could my porch. Perhaps I’ll do both, but I have #2 daughter staying and the other kids are spending a lot of time here as well, along with the various dogs, so I don’t hold out much hope.

We’re having a wonderful visit, though. We’ve mostly just talked and played games, but that’s very fun. #2 daughter and I went out for breakfast yesterday and visited #1 son at his place of work, and then we strolled through some of the more picturesque shops in town.

We did some grocery shopping so there’d be food to eat, but then we came back to the house to find #1 daughter and her puppy here. Dax, her Yorkie, is just about the same size as #2 daughter’s dog, Pepper. The two of them went on a mad rampage that lasted for most of the day.

They were so happy to have someone to play with, both being Only Dogs. It was like when all the cousins get together.

I hope to make it to church today but I’m not entirely sanguine. #1 son has my car and the household is still sleeping. I may just go get ready in case.

We had talked of having a picnic today, and we also have some movies we want to watch. I expect another low-key day.

#2 son is at an Ultimate Frisbee tournament today. It’s rare to have all the kids here at once, now that they’re all grownups, so we’re enjoying having the three.