I used up my seventh skein of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Sport (colorway Haze Heather) en route to the Tulsa Zoo. I’m about a third of the way through the sleeves, which I am knitting two at a time on a circular needle. Skein #8 is just the little ball shown above, and skeins nine and ten are, as you can see, whole skeins. I think I will have just enough yarn to finish this sweater.

10 skeins is usually about right, though the yardage of skeins varies widely and it all depends on gauge, so l/that’s a very imprecise rule of thumb. This sweater, Ketch #2, needs the rest of the sleeves and the button bands/shawl collar to be complete. I began my staycation with the sleeves’ ribbed cuffs done, nothing more.

But I also completed (more or less) ah la fraise! The exclamation point is part of the name. I need to finish the fastenings.

The back is complete.

The front needs tweaking.

I also got a good start on my lace shawl.

So I got a lot of knitting done over my staycation. No sewing. I was sort of planning on having a sewcation. Didn’t happen. I had two days of solid touristy travel, some local exploration, and a lot of straight up relaxation, plus one full work day.

Today I went to #1 daughter’s place for a pool party. That was fun, too. We’re closing the office tomorrow for Memorial Day, so I will have had a long break and should be able to return to work refreshed.