DSCN3973 The weather is cooling off slightly, so the garden is perking up a bit, offering us more peppers and roses and even some lettuces.

Last night was Friday night, the one time in the week when I really try not to work. It should be Sunday, perhaps, but by Sunday there are no more chances. If I haven’t finished work for my Aussies by then, I have to do it.

But on Friday night having unfinished work just means working on the weekend, and that’s usually unavoidable anyway.

Last night it was just me at home. That’s rare, and honestly it’s a treat for me. Fond as I am of my family, I like to be alone. So I threw caution to the winds and ordered a Bacon Spinach and Tomato pizza and a Caesar salad, turned on Roku, and watched The 7 Year Itch.

There’s a lot going on in that movie.

For one thing, it’s very well done. Well written, well acted, with special effects that must have been impressive at the time. But I also noticed all sorts of things. Kimono sleeves. The wife knitting with four bobbins. The concept of summer bachelors (do they still do that? Iwonder). The music. The staircase being pressed into service as a bookcase. The allusions to other movies. The health comparison of soda and alcohol. Marilyn Monroe’s problem solving efforts.

Meanwhile, I knitted. I’m making good progress with #2 son’s Christmas sweater. Knitting patterns usually have names, which are handy when you want to talk about them, but this one does not. I’m going to call it Grizzly, since I’m making it in Grizzly Heather.

In any case, now that I have it on aluminum needles in size 2 instead of size 1 bamboo, it’s a pleasure to knit, and I will be sure to have it finished in time for Christmas. It is zombie rather than epic knitting. I think the pattern #2 daughter chose might be epic, so I think I should start it. That way I can do the epic pattern when I have the attention span and switch to the zombie when I want to read.

Having spend the evening in self-indulgence, I woke up at 3:00 with great awareness of all the work I hadn’t completed, including the syllabus peer review and all the grading. Accordingly, having tried to go back to sleep without success, I got up and got to work.