I knocked off a little early today to start my 3-day Sewcation. I plan to make 5 garments from my Fall Collection, to wit:

All gray thread, all TnT, the gray half of my gray and burgundy collection.

The Fringe Festival Scarf T in Spoonflower gray Modern Jersey. My go-to style for business meetings.

The Coco cardigan in a tattersall print Ponte knit.

A 2-piece dress composed of the Tailored T and 2-Hour Skirt, made of this lovely charcoal botanical print jersey.

Elle pants in gray.

I’ll cut all of these tonight while watching mysteries on TV. Tomorrow I’ll sew them up.

I have to confess that I still feel tired and sore. I looked back and I see that it took me a good month to feel all better after my cataract surgery. I will give myself some time to recover from my most recent health care. I’m old, that’s all there is to it.

But I intend to have a fairly self-indulgent Sewcation, apart from diligent sewing.