The day began very nicely, with a cup of tea in bed while I finished reading a novel. I planned my Sewcation well as far as the sewing went, but didn’t arrange for meals. I am sick of soft foods. Fish, oatmeal, eggs, and soup for weeks now. Sigh.

I got everything cut out — mostly last night, but some this morning.

Here are all the garments, cut out and ready to sew up.

Fringe Festival Scarf top and Coco Jacket.

Elle pants.

Tailored T.

Matching skirt.

I ran out to get charcoal thread — all my gray thread was too pale — and some oilcloth for #1 daughter.

It’s to cover the Baby’s chair. She wants to sit in a chair like a big girl, but also likes to fling noodles around.

I’m going to go to church tomorrow, but otherwise will be sewing. I think I’ll pick something up for lunch on my way home.