First, I hemmed up the latest Sunshine Top. It needs a good steaming, but I am very happy with it. I made it from a rayon jersey from, and the fabric is very soft and lovely.



My daughters have told me that these tops are too low-cut for a lady of my years, so I will wear it with a camisole underneath, but I will definitely wear it. It’s soft and pretty, and while it has plenty of imperfections, it has less imperfections than most of my sewing projects do.

Having completed the SWAP 2015 item of the week, I moved on to swatching. First, here is the first repeat — 23 rows — of the Leaves and Flowers shawl, my next Epic Project.


Looks good to me, so I’m ready to stop swatching and move on to knitting, but the written directions have ended and they are carrying on with a chart. I will no doubt have problems with this, so I moved on to swatch my next Zombie Project. This is the Adiri sweater, which I am knitting up in wool. I’ve previously done it in silk and in cotton for #2 daughter. Otherwise I would not consider it a Zombie Project. And indeed, I might do another pair of socks first, but I can certainly get the ribbing out of the way.


This also knitted up to 18.5 stitches to the inch first try. However, since it’s a swatch rather than the first rows of the pattern, I must take it all out and start again, with the ribbing.

Both these projects work well with the 2015 SWAP, about which I will write more anon.