Nice day. Sunday school, which I'm leading and enjoying. Lunch with #1 daughter, the Good Ol' Boy and the Baby. The Baby was so happy and excited. She was beaming. I told her the story of Little Sambo and cooked chicken and zucchini. We then had a rainy afternoon and I worked a bit on her totally frou-frou spring dress.

In unrelated news, I was reading The Lost Art of Dress last night. In the chapter on thrift — and I hope to write more about that later — they were talking about the idea that dress could be a girl's downfall. A taste for finery in less affluent young women could lead them to swap their virtue for nice things, apparently.

This was a strange idea for me. This wasn't a thing when I was a young woman. But as part of my KLL, I've been watching knitting movies. Most recently, Cabaret, with the dishy Michael York and the frankly unattractive Liza Minelli.

She definitely traded her virtue for nice clothes.

I saw Cabaret on stage last year but had not previously seen the film. Somehow I missed a lot of the story. I've caught up now.

However, I think that knitting comes in only in the line, "Put down the knitting, the book, and the broom."

I also saw Episodes. In it, Tamsin Greig knits a scarf. She explains that she may be wasting her time on the set, but she'll have a scarf.

Having skills in sewing and knitting is not only a virtue alongside thrift, but also can save a girl's virtue. Or her temper, in the case of Greig's character.

Musing on these things, I continued to watch "Episodes," and also continued knitting the new Ketch.

Yeah, not on my list at all a week ago, and now taking up the whole afternoon. Or at least much of the afternoon.