My Spring Collection turned out well, but I do have some fabrics left. Specifically, I have three colors of twill intended for skirts. I rarely wear skirts, and especially during the pandemic when I’m streaming church and staying home, I haven’t been very motivated to sew skirts.

This fabric could make a good blouse, though, and I can always use another blouse. Its colors will work with my Spring Collection and also, I am sure, with my Fall Collection. I might get around to sewing it up today.

But which pattern will I use?

I think I have the Da Vinci blouse pattern as a download, so I would have to print it and tape it together. But it might be a good choice for the large print.


I made the Slouchy T-shirt blouse a couple of times for my Spring Collection, and honestly I don’t like the tops as well as I had hoped. But I might learn from experience and do a better job on it.

I’ve never made this one, though I’ve owned it for years. It requires gathering, which I’m not all that good at.


Another one I’ve owned for a long time and never made. I may need to look at the pattern pieces and determine which one will be easy enough for me to be confident of success.

Or I could carry on with my knitting. It’s a beautiful day to sit on the porch and knit.