The Seamworks DYW doesn’t begin until February 28th but I’ve been contemplating it. I sorted through my sewing patterns and found that all but two of them are now too big. Off to Goodwill with them!

I do have my Hotpatterns still. They are multi-sized, so I can still use them. And maybe that’s enough. I also have some European ones, and Seamworks downloads. In both those cases, preparing the pattern is a big job.

But I’m wondering whether I really need any new clothing. I’m the same size I was last year, or just a little smaller. And maybe I have enough clothing.

Maybe this is the year to do a more specialized DYW — nightclothes, for example, or exercise gear.

On the other hand, there will be new fashion trends. There are new colors. And my standards for the size of a wardrobe may be low. So I am thinking about this in the back of my mind as I do other things.

I downloaded the Frumpfighters list of garments a person needs in order to be well dressed every day of the year.

Is there really a list of garments everyone should own? I don’t have a white T or a gray T or a striped T, but I have about a dozen print Ts. Would adding a white, a gray, and a striped T transform my wardrobe?

This list is intended for young moms, actually. Is there a similar list for older ladies who work from home? Actually, I found a list of basic necessities for women over 50 that meshes with the way I dress. Except for animal prints… Anyway, it recommends skirts and dresses, which I don’t really have covered. Maybe that’s what I should work on for this DYW.

I’m enjoying turning this stuff over in my mind in a desultory fashion. Ince I make those decisions, I will revisit the pattern question.

I will be making the Market Jacket from November Knits. And sewing something, if only another print T, in Very Peri.