sewingroom1 I had just not quite enough fabric to make a bedspread for my bedroom, so I instead I made one for my sewing room.

This was in the nature of practice, really. I’d never made a bedspread before, and wasn’t at all sure that I could, though the process is simple.

This room often has kids in it, and it has the computer which has some important though rarely-used software, so it isn’t properly a sewing room, but it also has my sewing machine and storage for all my patterns, fabric, and yarn, so I guess it could qualify as a sewing room. sewingroom2

I worked in there all yesterday afternoon, and ended up with a nearly-finished blouse, the bedspread and pillow slips plus cushion that you see above, and a reasonably tidy room.

I had Netflix on, watching the U.S. version of the excellent House of Cards.

The sermon yesterday was on things we can’t control. We find, the pastor said, that there are things we can’t control, so we study them in disciplines like engineering, physics, sociology, biology, economics, and psychology. I thought it was an interesting concept — that we study things because we can’t control them.

Politics is something that people strive very hard to control, of course. I see that even from my limited involvement with The Hill. In House of Cards, people’s lives are controlled and destroyed as much as they were by Renaissance kings, but they can never be fully under anyone’s control. Human beings do surprising things. Stuff happens.

I was contemplating these notions as I sewed and created a bit of order and beauty in my own world. What more can we do but that?