“If anyone says that sex, in itself, is bad, Christianity contradicts him at once. But, of course, when people say, ‘Sex is nothing to be ashamed of,’ they may mean ‘the state into which the sexual instinct has now got is nothing to be ashamed of’. If they mean that, I think they are wrong. I think it is everything to be ashamed of. There is nothing to be ashamed of in enjoying your food: there would be everything to be ashamed of if half the world made food the main interest of their lives and spent their time looking at pictures of food and dribbling and smacking their lips.” C.S. Lewis

Have we perhaps reached that point, when it comes to food? The common expression “food porn” and the foodie movement could be unflatteringly described by Lewis’s words. The proposed new eating disorder orthorexia seems to be a real thing for many people now. At the recent retreat for church elders, our table had multiple discussions of the various food rules we were following: vegetarian, gluten-free, low fat, yes or no on dairy or sugar. I bet the other tables had the same conversations. These conversations are hard to avoid nowadays.

I don’t think any of us suffer from orthorexia. That is, I don’t think any of us are taking things to unwholesome extremes. But Lewis in another book wrote about “excessive daintiness” about food as a form of gluttony. Just the level of preoccupation with food that we often see in our modern culture may be bad for us.

Something to be ashamed of? Maybe.

Over the weekend, I cooked for my family and took pride and pleasure in creating reasonably healthy, delicious meals. They were full of sugar, refined flour, dairy products, and soy sauce. Also plenty of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. But now I am finishing up the leftovers and struggling to get back to my more austere regimen.

The FitLife Challenge, which I have been sort of doing over the holiday and jumped back into yesterday, includes an Instagram challenge each day. Tomorrow’s is “Inside the Fridge.” I’ll take that as motivation to clean out the refrigerator today, removing all the Evil 6 that has accumulated in there. Tomorrow is my usual grocery day, so I can refill the fruit and veg containers if they’ve been depleted.