I watched all six seasons of Sex and the City while knitting Ketch over the past couple of weeks.

I watched quite a bit of the series in 2004, and wrote about it a couple of times:

At the time, I thought the women were slutty, shrewish, vain, shallow, self-centered, rude, shrill, and generally lacking in good qualities. I still feel that way. But it is a well-made TV show and I enjoyed watching it.

It is, I think, the top contender among the genre of TV shows about women who are presented as successful and powerful and modern, but who are actually self-destructive and stupid in their actions.

I've admitted before that I enjoy  these shows. I can't defend this fact. Are there shows about groups of women who are smart, kind, and competent? If not, maybe that's the problem. I want to watch programs about women, I like seeing them striding along in their snazzy clothes, having adventures, and drinking cocktails. However, those scenes always precede scenes where they behave inappropriately and blame the other people in the scene for the negative consequences of their bad decisions.

Are there no programs about smart, nice women with adventures and snazzy clothes? Maybe there should be.