The Health & Beauty Project workbook’s next chapter is on getting in shape: basically eat right and move right. I’ve gotten my morning and evening routines in place and have one more week of January to solidify my health and beauty habits. What’s left?

Eat right and move right. I’ll get that finished up.

I’m doing fairly well with eating right. No decision breakfast and no decision lunch. Tea time. Mindful dinner.

I’ve had some trouble getting moving, though. My Wii Fit and the my treadmill are both given me technical troubles. I’ve been trying to fix those troubles with no luck. I have other options, though. From now through the end of the month I’ll try different options and get it sorted out.

My Mediterranean cooking? I’ve tried three new recipes so far, and I have more planned for this weekend.

I’ve been baking, too. A heart-shaped cake, shown above, and third-time’s -the-charm challah.

Also, an attempt at an entremet. Lemon cake, lemon yogurt mousse from the Mediterranean cookbook, and coconut gelee inserts. Strawberries, too. It doesn’t look as lovely as it should, but it tastes amazing.