The Bisirator did this. She grabbed the ball of yarn and set out to make a map, pulling the needles out of the shawl in the process.

There wasn’t enough yarn left to make a map — what we call her extensive art installations created by pulling the yarn in and out of furniture until she has a stunning network of lines of yarn.

My shawl has lots of errors, to tell the truth. Not just the ones Bisi brought about this morning, and not just a few in the early rounds. I have about half the length of the scarf completed. That’s not half the scarf, since it gets wider as it goes along, but that’s a lot of the scarf.

Should I rip it out? That’s what I have always done before with lace shawls. That’s why I’ve never finished one. Or, I suppose, the failure to start over after ripping them out is the reason.

I am determined this time.

I’ve been watching all the Craftsy lace shawl courses.

I’ve figured out how to read the charts… I think.

I understand how the triangle shape is formed.

I’m using stitch markers and lifelines and trying to catch and correct errors as I go along.

Perhaps Quixote will have to be my badly knitted shawl, after which I can knit the next one (or ten) well.