What’s on the plate:

  • chicken breast filet rubbed with jerk spices, topped with roasted mango
  • baked potato
  • roasted Brussels sprouts
  • warmed-up corn muffin
  • green salad

Apart from the salad, all these things were cooked just by arranging them together on a sheet pan and popping it in the oven. A think chicken filet and a small potato can cook for the same length of time, and I added the sprouts and the muffin toward the end of the cooking time. The mango was supposed to cook down to a sauce, and it did. Delicious meal. One pan to wash.

I’ve been seeing sheet pan meals all over the place. This may be, like cabling without a cable needle, less a clever new idea than acceptance of a lazy thing people have always done. For me, though, it’s a new idea and it is a refreshing change from grilling the meat, making the sauce in a saucepan, steaming the vegetables, and baking the potato.


Lots of vegetables taste good roasted, and lots of lean proteins taste good baked, and that’s all you really need to eat, right?

Maybe not. I’ve been listening to How Not to Die, and the author is pretty persuasive on the benefits of whole grains. I’ve also read or listened to claims that whole grains, while they are obviously better than refined grains, are not as good as vegetables, so just eat vegetables.

At the moment, I’m usually eating whole grains at breakfast and otherwise sticking with vegetables — but that corn muffin was certainly tasty.